This Month


It won’t be long now until the end of Summer. We will still have many warm days for the rest of February and in March so it’s an ideal time to plan to plant, lay, fertilise or renovate your lawn.

It will also be an efficient time to weed as growth will soon be slowing into the shorter days and colder months – and to get the garden ready for winter.  After the heat has gone, is a good time to transplant many shrubs while there is still enough warmth to allow re-establishment in the new spot.

Trim hedges and flowering shrubs – especially if they have just finished flowering.

There are many benefits in using the services of a professional horticulturist to assist in plant selection, plant nutrition and pest and disease management. It can expedite the development of a balanced garden and avoid unnecessary wastage of resources. I would strongly recommend the use of a professional horticulturist such a Registered Horticulturist or member of the Australian Institute of Horticulture.