This Month

Winter in the Garden

  • Hydrangeas should have been pruned by now.
  • By mid June, we can start thinking about pruning the roses but make sure the person pruning them knows what they are doing and has clean tools.
  • Crepe Myrtles are best left to second half of July in my view.
  • Fertiliser to Camellias and Azaleas is best left until towards the end of flowering in Spring.


It is Winter and we need to cheer ourselves up and brighten our short cold days.

Some thoughts;

  • If you have Cymbidium Orchids-they should be in full bloom now.
  • Tulips and daffodils should be starting to push up to the surface.
  • Anenomes and ranunculus should also be well on their way.
  • Primulas should be starting to flower now if they were planted early enough.
  • Violas and Pansies also provide great seasonal colour.