This Month

April / May 2022

Due to the most unusual high March rainfall, there are extensive waterlogged lawns and gardens which will require attention to aeration in the Spring.

Horticulturists have an extremely large backlog of work to catch up with.  This includes the application of autumn fertiliser and mulch. Also any build up of new plantings and transplant work should be completed during the brief remnants of autumn.

Lawn weeds will require attention at this time.

Those wishing to plant spring flowering bulbs should make sure that they have their bulbs purchased and in the case of tulips, placed in the fridge until Mothers Day.

There has been a general price increase for all plants and materials but due to the deferred ability to plant, there is a reasonable supply of good planting material available. So, if consumers and commercial operators require planting on their projects, this is an excellent time (the best in most cases!) to get a lot of planting done.

The first frosts in areas away from the coast have been experienced which requires some caution with heavy pruning and plant management. This sensitivity of course needs to continue until the last week in August.